Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday is happening today in 11 states
The Reds chasing Trump trying for second place will learn their fate
Black voters in the South are projected like in South Carolina not to feel the Bern
The last proportional primaries so at least some delegates he will earn
For Hillary her last emails have just been released
While the FBI continues its probe so her troubles will not cease
So far we mortals have been kept out of the server recovery loop
We are clueless on how many erased “private” emails the FBI has been able to recoup
One can only hope they have been successful in recovering most if not all
If yes, given her quid pro quo mentality, Hillary may not make it to the fall
Millions paid to Bill to give many a speech
While Hillary tried to keep the electronic trail out of reach
Millions contributed to their Foundation by those seeking favors from State
A culture of Clinton greed that no amount of money could sate
Both Reds and Blues have candidates that are potentially flawed
Blues have a candidate who more likely than not has violated federal law
Reds with Trump who the angry passions of Latinos and Blacks will ignite
An outrage of protest that should make the election and control of the Senate a losing fight
Sadly the theater on the Reds may be coming to an end
Next batch of primaries goes back to the winner take all trend
Unless Trump somehow shoots someone on TV in Times Square
The other 4 Reds and the party leaders should be in terminal despair
© March 1, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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