Wednesday, March 2, 2016

DiCaprio On Climate Change Wins Oscar For Hypocrisy

Too many nominations without an Oscar for Leonardo DiCaprio the proverbial Oscar skunk
Like most normal human beings so disappointed he must be in a major funk
Like most human beings even if actors find it hard to depress the urge
To wallow in the creature comforts splurge
A huge mansion here, a leased yacht there
A chartered jet spewing tons of carbon into the air
But being a celebrity he can be the premier hypocrite to hector us on climate change
On the difficulties of going to South America to find snow so the filming schedule he would not have to rearrange
But the actor who has the carbon footprint of thousands of us combined
Is such a hypocrite that should leave his lecturing behind
A false prophet useless without a well written script
No wonder for his rants on climate change he was rightfully ripped

© March 2, 2016 Michael P. Ridley the AlaskanpoetDi


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