Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sanders Voters Need To Take A Hard Look At HRC's Server

Sanders calls on American voters and superdelegates to at Hillary’s email scandal  take a hard look
Normally I disagree with every position Sanders takes but not when it comes to examining the actions of this crook
Each time she opens her mouth to say her conduct was within the rules
In total contempt and disregard for the IG’s report reinforces the view she must think us to be fools
If someone believes that they are as Clintons above the law
Disobeying rules is their characteristic delusional flaw
The only convenience would be for the hackers to classified material so easily hack
And her belief that the millions of quid pro dollars would be more difficult to track
The myth about only personal emails deleted is deeply rooted in her deceiving mind
To the extent the Foundation was viewed as her personal piggy bank in a quid pro quo world to leave ethics behind
As a Clinton on a coronation path, she must have thought we mere mortals would her quid pro quos never find
As the FBI continues on its Hillary spun “security review” slow, thorough and methodical grind
To say she was only careless ignores the deceiving, untrustworthy, lying and concealing nature of her mind
If the superdelegates do not from her on the first ballot unwind
The party will face defection that will make the Red squabbles look like the multitudes singing kum by yah around the campfire
While on election day millions of Sanders’ voters will not go to the polls but to their homes retire
© May 29, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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