Sunday, May 1, 2016

Osama's Dead for Five Years but the War Beat Goes On

Five years ago on a darkened night Seal Team 6 in 30 dark 30 moments was to touch down
What was supposed to be whisper quiet stealth nded when one the choppers in the compound went down
The real 30 dark 30 had not gone according to script
Yet so far no Ak-47s bullets though the Pakistan night would rip
These Seals were trained to cutting edge and then trained even more
Not even a battalion of jihadists would have kept the Seals from breaking through the door
In a matter of seconds bin Laden had been put permanently out of the fight
Obama had been given the golden football to spike
“Osama is dead and GM is alive!”
Even with the disaster in Benghazi a second term would survive.
What Obama failed to realize since he cannot even say the name
Killing a leader will not the forces of the radical Islam ideology tame
Al-Qaeda after five years is alive and well, competing with ISIS
To see who can kill the most and create the graver crisis
These snakes of radical Islam are headless so killing a leader will go for naught
Only droning leaders till the cows come home is not how this war should be fought
When it comes to Con Law Obama may view himself as a scholar great
But when it comes to learning the lessons of history he is at best second rate
Nation building by us especially trying to one one man rule democracy try to graft
Is begging the population to give us the shaft
Replacing dictators who for all their despicable faults usually leads to a vacuum
Chaos, riots, and all manner of death and destruction rush into the nation room
Iran, Iraq, Egypt and Libya with dictators replaced in democratic hopes all have a common thread
Nations are not plants and trying to graft democracy leads to a lot of people dead
500 million to train Syrian fighters to fight Assad
Any bang for our bucks, any successes to applaud?
A complete waste of time and money, not a penny spent to halt the ISIS advance
Assad poses no threat to us other than doing his Russian naval base dance
ISIS and radical Islam on the other hand are clear and present dangers to our western ways
Until the mullahs come on board with the concept that Islam does not condone the violence that ISIS continues to display
We are going to be in for a very, very long day.
        © April 30, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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