Friday, April 22, 2022

David Bonola an Illegal Living Here For 21 Years Charged With Brutal Stabbing Death of Mom Orsolya Gaal


Not all illegal aliens are criminals save for their having violated our immigration laws
In the latest case of an illegal alien killing a mom and then dismembering her corpse with a blade or saw
He had been here illegally from Mexico for two decades living under the radar and working for cash
A knee jerk reaction that we should open border zealots condemn and bash
But this simple fact remains had he not been living here
As an illegal under the table for all those 21 years
An excellent chance the murder victim Orsolya Gaal would be alive for Mother’s Day
Instead her two children will be coping that from them she was viciously taken away
David Bonola, the illegal, stabbed her some 55 times in her basement
While in her home sleeping her 13 year old son was present
Speculation that she was in an intimate relationship with Bonola who was a handyman for the Gaals
Who has now been arrested and being held fortunately without bail
Empathy and sympathy to the 2 children especially the 13 year old who is probably stricten with guilt
That he did not hear his mother’s screams as she was being stabbed up to the hilt
The case may not rise to the impact of the Willie Horton on work release murder case
But should be a vivid reminder of the dangers to us all when our border security is debased.
If Title 42 is rescinded by Biden bending to the political pressures of the left
With daily illegal border crossing rising near 20,000 look for more crime and drug related deaths
© 4/22/22 The Alaskanpoet

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