Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Misnamed Inflation Reduction Act Does Nothing to Reduce Inflation But Will Increase It


Schumer and his Blues minions are the masters of deceptively naming bills
The Inflation Reduction Bill does nothing to inflation try to reduce or kill
It does take Biden’s oft repeated vows to increase taxes only for the very rich
And toss those vows into the nearest and deepest ditch
Spending billions on climate change will do squat to lower the cost of goods
What about the idea that billions of spending dollars chasing goods causes inflation cannot be understood?
Manchin who was once the fiscal spending reduction hero
Merits now on inflation fighting an absolute zero
Independent studies establish that 6 of 8 levels of income under $200,000 will pay more tax
And the $80 billion to hire legions of IRS agents is about as welcome as an overdose of Ex-Lax
Blues know that if you call a bill close to what it will do
The Inflation Reduction Act renamed would be through
The Tax Increase and Inflation Enhancement Act would have Senators locking their doors and desks under
Hiding from their angry constituents ringing the phones and pounding their desks like a storm of thunder
Like all bills that our leaders want to pass so they distort the name
Once the voters find out the impact they are without recourse and themselves to blame

© August 2, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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