Thursday, May 12, 2022

Hiding Biden Now the Blaming Biden As He Hands the Buck to Reds For Inflation and Probably Next Baby Formula Shortage


Truman raised the bar for accountability when he proclaimed “The buck stops here”
In Biden’s case accountability in the Oval Office for disasters has disappeared

On inflation that is at its highest level in over 40 years
The Oval Office is free from blame as Biden names other targets to appear
Rising fuel prices due to his immediate war on fossil fuels
It’s Putin’s fault is his lame attempt to the American public fool
In his failing mental state oblivious to ending Keystone, barring new drilling on federal land
Urging banks to on loans to producers cut back and any urgency on permits needed to transport oil withstand
Prices were soaring well before Russia invaded Ukraine
So he tosses out oil company collusion on higher prices to blame
Despite all warnings from economists even those who Obama served
Started printing dollars by the trillions to give us the inflation we deserve
Thank God for Manchin and Sinema who would not pour spending gas on the inflation fire
Yet even today Biden’s cure for inflation is for more massive spending to aspire
With the border open and welcoming illegals and drugs like fentanyl
Which last year over 100,000 by this drug from China to the cartels to us would kill
Another crisis of shortages of baby formula has reared its empty shelves head
Causing anger and pain and suffering with parents both Blue and Red
Biden feels and tastes our inflation pain
Thank God it will send Blue majorities down the drain
© 5/12/22 The Alaskanpoet

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